Czech the Light Festival, St. Barbara's Church.
April 25-26 2014, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic.

Spectrum* analyzes allegorical sensation of the image itself and the moment that makes the process of innovation. It focuses on
the expression of the virtual world in a designated physical space. Silver, one of the symbols of Kutna Hora, whose essential feature
is to reflect light and in a polished mirror state to reflect real world, provides us with an ideal opportunity to link it with the Church
of St. Barbara, another symbol of this city. The result of this synthesis is an abstract graphic display of silver, its forms and its journey
through time.

* from the Latin... represents image, seen as an instance of something.

Concept and visuals by Amar Mulabegović and Daniel Gregor
Concept and music/sound composed by Ondřej Skala
Special Thanks to our friends and co-working animators: Dalibor Cé and Michal Nárovec.
Producer: Martin Posta
Photos & video by Michal Ureš.